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July 2022 South Florida Home Review

Home insurance in Pembroke Pines, Miramar & surrounding areas has changed drastically this year. The Hearth/Sprinters pulled out of the State of Florida. Avatar went out of business. Fednat, between itself & Monarch National Insurance Company, were allowed to drop around 60,000 policy as of June 29th. Now word has come out that Southern Fidelity is closing or being shutdown. All their policies will need to be rewritten into another company or Citizens. Tower Hill has switched over to an insurance exchange. 

There are very few options here in South Florida. Things to be mindful of when shopping for a new policy.

First, the age of your roof is very important. Most insurers will not tile roofs over 15 years old anymore. Shingles that are over 10 years are getting tough to place. Any patches or discrepencies that can be seen on Google Maps may cause an underwriter to seek more information about the cause. Healthy maintenance of your roof is important! But older roofs can cause you not to be accepted by many insurance carriers except for Citizens. 

Claims can cause you to be denied coverage. Yes, even by the State-Run Citizens Property Insurance! Hurricane claims are typically not a problem. Water claims can make you almost uninsurable. If you have two non-weather related claims, Citizens will reject or cancel any application that you submit to them. I have had someone cancelled when after being written, two non-weather related claims showed up. Even if not paid by the company as was her two, $0 paid-out.

Polybutylene pipes over 20 years are another condition that makes you almost uninsureable. Change the plumbing or get the forced placed insurance that you Lender will put on your home if you have no home insurance.

Another word of advice for anyone, call FP&L for their HomeServe Program that protects your pipes for up to $5,000 per year. 

If you have hurricane shutters or impact glass, if your garage is not hurricane proof, you will not get the discount. 

We can help you get a home insurance quote, call us for one today!