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Dave Ramsey Endorsed Local Provider

At Johnson Insurance Group, we are proud to announce that we are officially part of the Dave Ramsey Endorsed Local Providers (ELP) network of Insurance Advisors, a leading national network of insurance providers and top professionals.  Members are held to a higher standard based on the highest level of experience, top-notch service, and a customer-centered philosophy. 

Dave Ramsey has had great success helping people overcome financial debt! Some of his testimonial videos on YouTube include “This Is How We Paid off $162,000 In Debt!,” “THE TRUTH ABOUT BEING DEBT FREE | What We’ve Learned After 5 Years (Dave Ramsey Inspired),” and “Dale Made $48,000/Year And Still Became a Multi-Millionaire!” among many more.

I first learned of Dave Ramsey when they offered the Financial Peace University (FPU) at my Church. The program is designed to help you get out of debt, prepare a fully funded emergency fund, & save for retirement. The process begins with the Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps, designed to help you navigate the creation of a bright financial future by showing you a constructive road map on how to handle money.

In the program, Dave advises people to stay away from captive insurance agencies like State Farm, Allstate, Geico, and some commercial carriers. Captive insurance agencies are limited to selling insurance from only one insurance carrier, that of their parent company and its affiliates.  As a former Allstate Agency owner, I wholly agree!  After four years, I left the captive side of the industry in September 2019 because I was losing good people due to the limitation of having only one carrier available for auto insurance.  I was not able to offer the best rate to my customers, and they went elsewhere. I’ve had longtime customers ask if I was able to expand my network of carriers, as they wanted to stay with my agency.

As an independent insurance agency, we have a wider range of options.  I am able to provide insurance from more than one carrier, thus offering a wide range of choices from which my clients can choose. I am able to every renewal, shop you within our Agency for the best coverage’s!
We will evaluate your current coverage’s and see if we can offer you proper coverage at an affordable rate.
Let’s set up a time to talk. Our goal will be to find the best and lowest rate possible for your auto insurance policy, homeowner’s or renter’s policy, personal umbrella policy (if you have one), and as well as any business insurance policies.
We are committed to serving you and covering your insurance needs.

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