Wind Mitigation Inspection, why do I want one?

Did you know that a simple wind mitigation inspection can save you $1,000’s per year on your home insurance costs! How does it save that much you may ask, let me explain. 

Certain building characteristics help protect homes during hurricanes. Insurance companies require proof most of the time and they get this from a wind mitigation inspection. 

This house is ready for the storm – all shuttered up!

Do I need one?

If your roof was replaced after 2001 and you live in hurricane prone areas (outside Broward or Miami-Dade County), it would probably be in your best interest (save money). Or, if you live in those two Counties and your roof was replaced after 1994, when the Building Codes changed.

If your house is newer than 2003 and you live in North Florida (except the Panhandle), it may not benefit you much. Although after the 2018 hurricane season, that could change.

Older homes that do not require a 4-point inspection should consider one as they may qualify for the FBC rating. Which will in-turn save them money on insurance.

Some companies will give discounts based upon the year built for newer home. They will credit some discounts based upon the codes at that time. Sometimes a home insurance company will require one even if newer to prove it has the hurricane shutters (opening protection). Depends on the insurance company.

Gone are the good ‘ole days

Insurance companies used to take the word of the insured. Or, they used to have the Agent go and take pictures of the house to verify certain construction criteria. Not anymore! Now you must get a wind mitigation inspection to prove certain building codes, hurricane shutters, and how your roof is attached to your home in order to qualify for these discounts.

What does a Wind Mitigation Inspection tell the Insurance Company?

It tells the insurance company what construction characteristics your home contains. Certain characteristics will give you discounts on the the hurricane premium of your home insurance policy. I quoted a lady yesterday that was approximately $1,600 with hurricane shutters and $4,000 without in Matlacha, Florida (right next to the water).

Hurricane shutters means protection on every opening, especially the garage. It does not mean physical shutters, it must be certified hurricane rated. Basically it must be verified to withstand hurricane force winds.

How much do they cost?

How much do they cost

Generally they cost between $75 to $100. You can find a local inspector online by searching for “wind mitigation (with your) zip code.”

I do not have an attic

That can be problematic. The inspector will need to access the attic to verify whether or not you qualify for two important discounts. The roof deck attachment and roof to wall attachment.

If you have a reinforced concrete roof (condo buildings mostly), you will automatically receive certain discounts.

To summarize, you will save money with a wind mitigation if your house has an updated roof, one that was replaced after 1994 for Broward & Miami-Dade, or 2002 for all other Florida Counties. It will also prove when your roof was replaced if a permit was pulled from the County.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment and we will be sure to get back to you.

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