Car Crash

Who’s Policy do I File Under?

A customer called me this week about a car crash. Unfortunately, he called me weeks to late. For some reason, there was a claim filed against his own policy even though it was not his fault. The other person was at-fault and had hit another car besides his. But the other guy’s insurance told him to file with his insurance company, and eventually filed it for him. He was forced to pay his deductible and wait and hope that subrogation will get him back that deductible. He was upset as he got hit, not his fault, and had to pay the deductible. Rightfully upset in my opinion. 

What should he have done in my opinion. Filed against the other carrier! I am still unsure how the other company filed for him, I believe it was because they were claiming their insured’s limits could not cover the loss.  

But, according to the insured, that was not the case. The minimum Property Damage Coverage is $10,000 and my insured said both car’s damage was well under that amount. The at-fault party’s insurance company apparently was trying to get my customer’s insurance company to pay for the claim. I am not sure why but it probably has to do with hoping they will not have to pay it out. 

If you are not at-fault, ALWAYS claim on the other party’s policy. A situation that may force you to file on your own policy is if it is a hit-and-run. If you are unable to find the other party, then you will have no choice but to file on your own policy and pay the deductible. It happened to me!

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